Sunday, February 8, 2004

[Book Review] the compulsary first review: T5PYMIH

well, i am compelled to write one review... AFTER THAT LENGTHY SPEECH IN THAT PREVIOUS POST!

hmmmm... now, let's see...

the last two movies i saw (on the big screen) were Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

who's michael buble?

and who won the super bowl?

i guess you get the idea by now. what am i going to review? ahhh, yes, the books. i've been reading!

well, the last book i read was... The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

i have one word for T5PYMIH: CREEPY!

imagine dead people talking to each other! recounting some incidents while they were alive!

my advice: DON'T READ THE BOOK AT NIGHT!!!! or you'll end up like me, still wide awake at 2:24 in the morning!

i had to skip "part three" and "part four" of the book. i learned that, it was just a story as simple as a sandwich!

all you need to make a sandwich are two buns and something in between. in the case of T5PYMIH, the buns were as plain and simple as white bread, but in between, there's something like tuna with a whole lotta pickles and tomatoes. in other words, a lot of vitamins, and a lot of healthy stuff!

and yeah, as with all specially made sandwiches, you know, the type your mom prepares in front of you, there's always a story to tell that goes beyond the sandwich. while your momma's making your hamburger, she's probably telling you stories about how she used to cannot afford to eat burgers!

so that's about it. i could try to make a sandwich of my own, because the formula's pretty obvious, but wether it will be as good a sandwich as mitch albom's... bah, i'll just buy sandwich. why punish myself with making one?

so... all reviewers have some sort of rating system. others have five stars for really good stuff, others just either give a thumbs up or down sign, others---well they just want to always say the really bad thing about the book. pessimists. i'd rather be calling them pestimists!

anyhowsers, i give this book, a rating of five. because it has the number five in its title! harhar. that wasn't funny. but i'm serious. for the five bucks or so you pay for this mother, it's worth it.

GO BUY THIS SANDWICH! it's good for the bones!

yahoo! i'm done with my first review!

p.s. and have i mentioned that part of the story takes place in the philippines? but soldier is not "sundalong", mr. albom. unless that kid is under three years old.

who is coach potato?

coach potato is the typical couch potato,
who has nothing better to do but eat potato chips,
and shout at the coaches on t.v., as if being the better coach.

prior to this post, this is my definition of CPC (coach potato's corner):

Thoughts of Coach Potato about basketball, and other sports--professional, developmental, amateur, or otherwise.

i figured, between now and the last post (September 2003), it has been almost five whole months. and there hasn't been any action on the corner. well, thank goodness for a really busy work (and school) schedule, and to the fact that the BIG CABLE COMPANY has exclusive rights to premium sports channels showing NBA and NFL games and that, well, my humble little cable company is the david in the cable tv arena... and of course, the PBA had its off-season starting in mid-december until mid-february... thus, here is coach potato, left with nothing to critique.

today, i have redefined CPC. it's more about reviews of different types of media: books, movies, CDs, magazines, articles, gadgets, people, t.v., radio, videos, sounds, etc. whatever could be reviewed.

let met get one thing straight though. i am not coach potato! coach potato.... is a creation. he's a fictional character. he can take on many faces. he could have many moods... he's a real critic. closer perhaps to being hypocritical? that shall be for you to judge. ;-)


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Tuesday, February 3, 2004

On being "mabait": A quote from Benjamin Franklin

I read this from "If I really wanted to SIMPLIFY MY LIFE I would..." from Lighthouse Books. It's a great simple little book! =)

"When you do for a man what he can and should do for himself, you do him a disservice." - Benjamin Franklin

Though I am going to expound on this topic (being "mabait") in a later post, can I say this: Teachers, you're not doing service to your students if you give them a passing grade that they do not deserve!


i've posted this link to "a blogger's disclaimer." basically it applies to you, me, and all of eternity. if you haven't read one before, check this link out! =)