Thursday, May 1, 2008 is down :(

but only for now. my domain address expired, but before that, i signed up for a new web host (at - just under $7 per month, 50Gb webspace! - try it and put as referrer :-D) that supposedly transferred also my domain address to them. the domain name comes with the <$7/month. anyhow, there's not much happening at, because of a heavy work load. haay. it will be up and about again, soon. actually the blogs at are all accessible from; but i haven't yet fixed the links so that they could link to each other and actually work. for now... the temporary URL of is at: i'm still re-uploading all my files though, including my photos. :-)


There's tons of free sudoku games on the internet. There's one on

Here's another one: