Sunday, January 29, 2012

[quote them] Learning about Leadership - The case of the crazy, lone dancer

[Thanks to A.B. for sharing this!]

Original text is on If I ever create a life lessons blog or website or whatever, I would feature this video and its message. There are a few key elements to leadership: having the guts to be the crazy firestarter, actually having a follower, and then treating the follower as an equal. No follower, no leader.

But the follower is actually a leader himself. We often hear something like, "Only crazier people follow crazy ones." Because it also takes guts (and a little skill in acknowledgment of genius in something that society has branded crazy) to be that 1st follower. So when the 2nd follower shows up, that's when things have come full circle. As the video narrates, having that 2nd follower validates the 1st follower's decision to acknowledge that the originator's crazy idea as actually something worth following.

Well. Here's to the crazy ones.

Friday, January 20, 2012

[quote them] [thoughts] Hard work vs. Talent

This is so true.
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
I'm not sure who was first to say this; the internet "said" it was some guy named Tim or maybe it was Kevin Durant.

But, guess what. This is a trick quotable quote.

Its message is not that hard work (alone) is better than talent (alone). The message is, if you have talent, you should couple it with hard work and you can expect to enjoy much success. If you have talent but you don't work hard enough, you're better off not competing because those who don't have talent but work hard enough (and assuming they know where the finish line is) will eventually run past you.

The good news is, everyone's got talent. You just have to know where you have talent in and then use it there and persevere.

Of course, you can do things that you're really not that gifted in and just work hard at 'em, but you're probably not maximizing life's greatest rewards.

Just my thoughts.