Friday, May 19, 2006

four squares

Do you see four squares above, adjacent and to the right of ""? If you don't, you must be seeing four Japanese Katakana characters instead, which mean "RO-N-JI-E". If you do see four squares, that means you don't have the Japanese language something installed in your computer. If you're on Windows, go get it at the website.

new, new

i usually am able to upload photos whenever there are occasions or non-occasions. so well, there are new occasions, so check them photos out. there are also some new posts at my prustrations and thoughts blogs. go!

I hate negative people. Am I negative by hating negative people?

I hate negative people. Question is, am I negative by hating negative people? It is almost certain in this world that you will meet or encounter or hear about people with negative attitudes. And by the basic principle of you are most likely who you were brought up to be...

In any case, I met this father, let's call him Gene. In a span of about a week, he told me some of his stories while he was staying out-of-town at one of his relatives' house. He made all sorts of complaints about the not-as-delicious-as-our-own mangos he ate, the burnt barbecued ribs out of a dozen other great dishes and desserts at the father's day party he attended, the "self-destruction" of the family who shared their home to him, and so on. Regarding the food, I mentioned that other people who have nothing to eat wouldn't complain about. About all the negative things he said about the very family who was generous enough to accomodate him, I only had this to say:

i don't know why, but many people i've met or encountered, they do certain things but do not know what they are doing is WRONG. meanwhile, it is certainly easy to see the wrong of others. meanwhile, sometimes we have the capacity to help others, but we don't. sometimes, we think we are helping other people, but we really aren't. there are many negatives in this life, and it is up to us if we will turn it into a positive, or emphasize further its negativity.

Filipino translation: marami akong nakilala o na-enkwentro na may mga ginagawa sila na hindi nila alam na mali iyong ginagawa nila na yon. sa kabilang panig naman, mas madali kasing makita ang mali ng iba. kung minsan naman ay kaya nating makatulong ng kapwa natin, pero hindi natin ginagawa. minsan, akala naman natin nakakatulong tayo pero ang katotohanan ay hindi tayo nakakatulong. madaming negatibo sa buhay nating ito, pero nasa atin na kung gagawin nating positibo itong mga ito, o lalo pa nating gagatungan ang pagiging negatibo.

Anyway, question really is am I hating negative people? If it shows that I do, it's because I was brought up as one, by one. I probably still am to some extent. But really what I would like to do is to help. But what help could I do? One thing I try to tell negative people is that they can't change others or expect them to change, and that they can only change themselves.

I am trying my darnest to change myself. I said I hate negative people? I hate my old self. I am not yet completely new, but I hope I'm on the right track now. As for others, I recognize that they will have to change their own selves, but here I offer some of my own insights, hopefully that others might read them, and hopefully so that others may also change course as I did. And I hope I don't ever hear "I'm too old to change. Old dogs can't learn new tricks!" You just admitted you are a dog. Change, and face the world!