Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[who is] The RONJIE.COM Web

The RONJIE.COM web, at least, according to Mozilla Firefox is in this link. This is what it came up with after I wasted spent time answering some 20 questions.
I guess you should try to waste time answer it as well and find "web stuff" we have in common. Or with some other important person in your life. Like both my wife and I have smartphones, Statue of Liberty souvenirs, and friendship bands in there, among others. Okay. Yeah, don't worry. I don't get it, too. Oh and, don't ask me questions about it, please. :-D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[who is] My name is RON.

My real given name is Ronwaldo Emmanuel. My dad wanted me to become Emmanuel Jr., but my mom didn't want a Junior, so they agreed that my dad would decide on my first given name and to use Emmanuel only as a second name, but that my mom would decide on my nickname. My dad decided to name me after Ronwaldo Reyes, a.k.a. Fernando Poe, Jr., the late famous Filipino actor admired by millions and more recently presidential candidate who lost against former president Gloria Arroyo. My mother then decided on "Ronjie" as nickname, to put a dash of her own name into mine as well, her nickname back then being "Mojie."

[who is ronjie?] defining moment #2

I was in college, in my senior year, and I started taking one of these required courses that everyone seemed to hate. There was a "terror" teacher who gave you one of three marks: just-passing, do-more-work, or absolutely-failed. I was challenged.

In one of the homeworks/assignments given to us, we were asked to derive an equation. Loving math since a kid, I played around with what was given, and finally came up with the solution. As is usual custom in college, we'd usually look at each other's work. Or actually, I was probably one of a very few who did try to answer the home exercises, and so my classmates asked to see what I did.