Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dropbox vs AirDrop

"Oh, Apple's 'new' AirDrop feature is similar to Dropbox!"

Yeah. Right. What, just cause they share a root word, they're similar already? Let's use our God-given brains, people. Shall we? Let's read about Dropbox. Then AirDrop.

But even just looking at the words, you can tell the difference already. AirDrop is a process. Dropbox is an object. You put stuff in Dropbox. You transfer stuff using AirDrop. Dropbox is a service so you have one location for all your files (i.e. the dropbox) that is accessible everywhere. AirDrop lets you transfer files between specific computers (Macs running Lion or newer versions) within your local network. Of course you can also transfer stuff using Dropbox. But that's because it's an auto-sync tool, whereas AirDrop is just simply a no-brainer way of transferring files between any two computers in your network. In that sense, Dropbox is generally intended for one user. AirDrop is generally intended for at least two users. Of course, with a few additional steps, you can take some files out of your Dropbox to send to anyone else, but it's not exactly as simple as AirDrop. And you can use AirDrop all to yourself but you would need two computers to use it. If it isn't yet obvious, AirDrop was not meant to compete with Dropbox. It's totally different.

Now, iCloud is a different banana altogether. In fact, it has some fundamental differences as well with Dropbox. iCloud is built on the principle of simple syncing to the "cloud," i.e. no folder structures, and tight integration at least with iOS and (future) Mac systems. Dropbox is currently more widespread, and it essentially implores you to organize your files into folders. You know, like how we've been doing it since DOS early days (pun intended).

Anyway, I'm slowly realizing that there's both a lot of knowledge and a lack of comprehension on the internet. Like I know people who have a large English dictionary in their brains, but they haven't exactly mastered Strunk and White. But you know what, I just wrote this piece to implore you to try out Dropbox using this link:, which if you click would give both of us 0.25Gb additional free space. Win-win.

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