Saturday, May 28, 2011

[quote me] The bigger they are...

...the heavier they get.

I say this because I have observed that confidence and body width-to-height ratio are somewhat proportional.  It was true to me, too - I became a more confident person at about the same time when my BMI was starting to knock at the doors of 25, i.e. the overweight door to obesity.

It is so true as well in public transportation systems.  I've seen large width-to-height guys occupying a wider portion of the seats in buses and so on, and yet they still have to stretch their thighs outward so they occupy even more space.  Is it because they don't want people near them because they know they smell?  Or have they just overtaken their self-confidence to the point of rudeness?  What's up with that!

But then, is society to blame as well?  Can you imagine a large guy who's as shy and as soft-hearted as a smaller, thinner man?  Weird, isn't it?  Are these XXXL guys just living up to the hype?  Or did the David and Goliath story created a reverse psychology effect on us?

Last point.  East Asians and Southeast Asians are generally shorter and thinner.  Caucasians are generally not.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

[quote me] An anecdote

"I like this photo.  I look thin in this photo.  I'll make it my profile pic."
"I totally agree with you, you LOOK thin there."

Enough said.  If you're overweight, that is already a symptom of a health concern somewhere down the line.  It's now time for a cool change.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

[quote me] You just don't get it...

...but you think you do.  You just don't get it and you never will.

"What's this about?," you might ask.

You just don't get it but you think you do.  You just don't get it and you never will.  :-D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

[quote me] I'm not religious, I'm normal.

Society has sadly come to the point that being God-fearing and God-loving comes with labels such as "religious," "fanatic," "abnormal," "holy," and other things with seemingly negative connotations in society at large.  I am not as "religious" as some of those people you call "religious," but to me they are the normal people, they recognized the right path and they are on it, or at least trying their best to stay on it.  I can't throw a stone at them, even if they may have strayed once or twice or more.

On the other hand, people who label these good people as "religious" are those who are too proud and/or afraid to admit their wrongs and be humble enough to honestly say "I'm sorry" to God and to whoever else.  Why do they label? or judge?  I think they do that to justify their wrongdoings, to make themselves feel comfortable and think that they're doing just fine.  To spread the disease that plagues many societies: "being wrong is hot. being right is not."  These people who use the word "religious" in a wrong way to label good people are those who also disregard some successful people's religiosity.  Like one president is actually "religious" but because he's successful, they attribute their success to other things, not to God.

Sure, not all seemingly "religious" people are actually religious.  And sure, it is very tempting to point our fingers at them.  But when we do that--pointing fingers, labelling, judging, a.k.a. being God--I hope we know what we're doing.

Well, people, you're not hot.  You're not cool.  You're not normal.  But yeah, you think you're happy and doing just fine because you're not "religious."  Guess again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011