Sunday, August 17, 2008


i had "one love" by bob marley playing at the back of my mind, except that "love" became "blog." "one blog..." anyway, with this new format of, there will only be just that - one blog to capture all important blog bits and stuff.

this version 3.0 is ronjie's home on the web. finally. again. and yet again. (kaya version 3.0 nga e!) :-D

pilot issue

this is actually a "test" issue. issue #1 will come out on 1 september 2008. watch out for it!

uploaded blogs on v3.0

so far, the old (ronj-blog or version 1, and version 2) posts, who is ronjie, coach potato's corner, coach potato's traffic watch, coach potato's consumer watch, japan2005 (ronjie-san wa nihon e ikimasu ne), RAW ('s around the web), FWD (forwarded messages), feature of the week (photos and art), reactions+reflections, prustrations, and thoughts blogs have been uploaded to the new as blog threads. check them out from the "labels" links on the right. :-D up and... running?

maybe walking is more appropriate than running. anyhow, though i got as supposedly the new web hosting location for for under US$7/month, i just got accustomed to the many easy-to-use features of (at US$7.77/month). assuming that financing won't be a problem, i would retain as my web host. now, if only i could get my domain name, this is not the first time i lost it. when i get it again, it will be mine forever! (10 years maybe. :-D)

anyways, for now, i'm considering free webhosting options (this one is on, but all this free hosting means a very limited number of photos! :( new format v3.0b now comes with a new format; i.e. one post day could include many different articles such as blog announcements (this one), a "did you know?" bit, a RAW article (ronjie-around-the-web - interesting websites), a feature-photo-of-the-day bit, a movie review bit, and so on.

[did you know?] jenesaisquoi

I learned this new word, jenesaisquoi, which is of French origin, now being used at least in American English, and pronounced "zhuh nuh say kwah." Literally it means, "I don't know what." I got these definitions from... today's RAW link.

[RAW] the new dictionary of cultural literacy

Free searchable online dictionary with lots of cool "new" words. Check it out on

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