Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If you give a little love... #quoteme #quotethem

Dunno if anyone's said this or something like this before, but it's a theme I believe in and that has caught my attention lately:
"If someone did some little nice thing for you, do it many times over to others."
Here's an example on Quora:

When introducing someone to Christianity, as another example, the first thing you might teach him/her is that there is this all-knowing, omnipotent (very powerful), and omnipresent (he's everywhere!) God that loves us, despite of him being that "super" God and us being nothing close to being gods ourselves with no control of many things in our lives (e.g. nature). You ask them, what are the nice things that has happened to you? Sure, there are some not-so-nice things that has happened in your life, but surely there are also a bunch of nice things that have happened. If they can't figure out these "nice things" (a.k.a. "blessings"), you help them figure it out. But the message is, "God loves you -- now, what can you do to love God back?" And that usually always means: loving others, even your enemies. And loving nature (e.g. understanding nature well enough). And loving yourself so that you grow to be a better person that can give more and more love (one rough example: be successful in your career so that you have more to give to others). And so on. "Loving" here is not just the usual romantic love you might see in movies and novels and what not, but the next discussions could show some example of "loving" in a more broad context.

Here's a video with a similar message and that has become viral on the internet from a month back:

The above video has multiple messages, and one of them is that "quote" above. Its other message is that, when you do good, and others see it, they might think about doing good to others, too. In the end, that positive cycle could "come back to haunt you" -- in a good way. "If you give a little love, you can get a little love of your own," the video title and its background song says. True. Do unto others what you want others do unto you. The key though is that we all do our part. Sure, we might encounter some bumps along the way, but the important thing is we keep pushing in that direction.

Conversely, if you do "bad" things (i.e. "show no love"), and you might not know that you're doing just that, someone might be watching you (likewise possibly unbeknownst to you) and do those "bad things" themselves. A negativity cycle begins. More and more people do bad things. Like, as the driver, do you disobey traffic laws? Do you let the door close behind you just as someone is about to pass through it? Are you a politician and are you being transparent about all your transactions? And so on. It's more especially true if we are in a position of authority, whether by age, generation, position in society, and so on; i.e. in almost all instances we are in a position of authority, one way or another.

Some might think, it's other's fault if they do the same bad things they saw them do. But yeah, that's one way "bad" people think. They always say, "nope, it's never my fault."

Give a little love. Show a little love.

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